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There are millions of dogs and cats that sit in shelters waiting for some person to come take them home every day of the week. In five modules, Diane leads the reader through the steps they should take to decide on a dog, then through the adoption process, as well as life¬long care. However, older dogs are also more likely to have health problems — which may not be a financially viable option for some people.

Pet stores cause countless dogs (and many other animals ) to suffer, so adopt your pup from a shelter instead. Among companion animals, dogs are unmatched in their devotion, loyalty and friendship to humans. Dogs of all breeds and ages can be found for canine adoption and can be adopted from a variety of places including breed rescue centers, no-kill animal shelters, or foster programs.

Because stress levels can be high in such an environment, dogs tend to exhibit behavior that does not reflect their true personality. When you adopt a puppy or dog from a shelter, it comes with a history—not the least of which shepherd is being relinquished to the shelter.

Just know that a puppy HAS TO potty several times a day and plan accordingly. They'd rather have an owner to play with than a yard to play in. Running around a yard provides physical stimulation, but dogs also need the mental stimulation of active companionship with their people.

Even if your local public transit systems allow pets on board, it may be a scary or confusing trip for your dog, and they could lash out. Once adopted, a dog becomes family. The vast majority of shelter staff are not pro-kill,” but often lack the means to humanely manage the velocity of incoming pets.

You're also saving a life, as shelters are more likely to euthanize animals with lower chances of adoption. Because of their difficult pasts, dogs who have been rescued from puppy mills or other inhumane environments require some extra care. Adopting a rescue dog is something that anybody considering getting a pet should look into, providing you have the ability to care for them, as well as having adequate insurance cover.

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