Marvel Is Making Its First Asian Superhero Film — And A Maui Native Is Directing

Chinese movie fans lit up social media when it emerged on Saturday that Marvel Studios may be planning to cast an actor of Chinese heritage for Shang-Chi, its all-Asian superhero film. With the old hopefuls gone from the Hollywood big screen-Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme and the other promising real martial artists-there's now a world of difference between Asian film actors-who work in frigid cold, fourteen hours a day in often primitive conditions, hammering out genuinely complex martial arts moves for relatively paltry paychecks-and Hollywood films that now rely on computer and actor stand-ins.

The studio has set Chinese-American scribe Dave Callaham to write the screenplay, and Deadline hears Marvel is already looking at a number of Asian and Asian-American directors who want to do something as potentially monumental as was accomplished in Marvel's first viable Best Picture candidate, Black Panther.

At the time of Lee's death, he had completed the fight scenes for another movie called Game of Death which featured basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabar, who was actually one of his martial arts students. The martial arts action movie is based on a 1970s-era Marvel comic book of the same name.

Marvel Studios announced on Wednesday that it is developing plans to bring the superhero Shang-Chi, the ‘Master of Kung Fu,' to the silver screen. Cretton already has a few connections to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having directed Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, in Short Term 12 and The Glass Castle, and worked with Black Panther helmer Ryan Coogler on the TV series Scenes for Minors.

Shang-Chi” will be shot from a screenplay by Chinese-American writer Dave Callaham , and it tells the story of a kung fu master who discovers that his father has been using him and his skills for evil. He'll be entering the MCU with some experience working with two of its biggest stars, though - currently he's filming Brie Larson ( Captain Marvel ) and Michael B. Jordan ( Black Panther ) in Just Mercy, also a dramatic feature film.

In addition, as previously reported, martial arts superstar Donnie Yen is still on Marvel Studios' wish list to portray a wise, old statesman”. Shang-Chi is also sometimes depicted as the son of the outdated yellow peril villain , Fu Manchu — at least, at such points in the company's history when Marvel had the rights to Fu China Thrilled by Prospect of Chinese Casting for 'Shang-Chi' Manchu.

"Shazam!" Proves DC's Extended Universe Is Finally Ready To Compete With Marvel's

The DC Extended Universe is the commonly accepted term used to describe the series of intersecting comic book movies released by Warner Bros. Suicide Squad is exactly that: A live-action, feature-length version of an episode of Batman: The Animated Series in which Batman and Joker are side characters. Hampered by dull, uninspired writing, bland supporting characters and a generally poor design (again, outside of the main Squad), the film is pretty awful.

A Wrinkle In Time director Ava DuVernay has signed on to direct this has-to-be-massive, can't-be-done-by-halves, proper-flippin'-enormous film, where seeds sown in Batman V Superman and Justice League (but, for some reason, left on the cutting room floor - yeah, believe it or not, stuff was actually edited out of those films) come to fruition with galaxy-sized wars between godlike aliens.

In January 2018, Walter Hamada was appointed the president of DC Films, replacing Berg. How do you explain that coincidence?" Suicide Squad in particular was reportedly recut at Warner's request to more closely resemble its popular trailer. However, the DCEU unfortunately already has a massive backlog of previously announced films.

It is almost as if a certain section of fandom - and not necessarily Marvel fandom; there are detractors even in the DC camp - is willing the DCEU to crash and burn. Releases a new Justice League adventure, it's become de rigueur to ask what the film's box office results mean for the studio's on-going attempts to fashion together a Marvel alternative.

The film includes plenty of setup for future movies: Aquaman meets Mera for the first time, Barry Allen (aka Flash) gets a job in Central City's police department, Lex Luthor and Colossal Collectibles the mercenary Deathstroke decide to set up their own evil league, and the presence of the villain Darkseid is hinted at.

On top of that, there's a whole slew of DC hero television shows, none of which are tied to the movies. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: A four-issue comic series that was released in specially marked boxes of assorted General Mills cereal. Suicide Squad had the tough job of introducing many new characters that have never been seen on screen in live-action such as Deadshot and Harley Quinn.

When Harry Met Sally on benzedrine.” The film will be part of DC's cinematic universe. The DCEU's first female-led movie proved to be one of its best. Joss Whedon, who directed the reshoots on Justice League, was originally hired to pen the script for the movie, but he backed out about a year later when he simply couldn't find a proper hook for the story.

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